Will assess your physical & mental condition
Become the best version of yourself
  • You will own your data & it will be visible & updated in live-time based on your productivity.
Our Mission
Is to improve public health by monitoring performance that supports healthy behavior in the workplace and improves the overall health of the individual.

The Hyperspeed System

connects strength & conditioning tactics with health analytics to create health risk management programs.

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HyperSpeed Score

We created an algorithm that scores the company's health conditions based on the demands of your employee's life & what the company is trying to achieve.

How does health impact workers performance?

We score health performance based on conditions and responsibilities and the users accountability to follow their program and perform in their job.
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Step 1 :

Needs Analysis

We will:

  • Examine employee's work/life balance
  • Analyze joint mobility, movement patterns and any potential undiagnosed injuries
  • Diagnose common problems and potential injuries and illnesses.
  • Score company's health status and provide the steps to follow for improvement
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Step 2:

Get Access and Progress
  • We Provide PROGRAMS to reduce illness & injury
  • Give access to employees to the ABEL app to deliver the programs and track ACCOUNTABILITY
  • Access to Fitness tracker and population biometrics' analysis
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Step 3:

Report and Score
  • Monthly Company's Accountability Report
  • Monthly Biometrics Report
  • Health Performance Rating at the end of each quarter
Boost Company's Performance
The System

Performance Score

Quantify Well-Being
By assessing how well one manages their health while balancing their personal & professional lives.

The Data Supports The Story
Biometrics like HRV, resting heart rate, average hours slept display the body's physiological response to the rigors of one's life.